fACULTY of BUSINESS mangement
& marketing

Expand your career horizon and secure your future by developing competitive skills to help you turn that IDEA into a Business with our Certificate , Diploma and Degree Courses.

   Courses Offered:
   Certificate Courses | Duration 7 months

  • Certificate in Secretarial Studies | Certificate in Business Skills | Certificate in Project Management | Certificate in Travel & Tourism | Certificate in Business Management | Certificate in Human Resource Management | Certificate in Marketing Management | Certificate in Entreprenuership | Certificate in Public Administration | Certificate in Strategic Management
  • Occupation Health & Safety | Duration 2 days
      Diploma Course | Duration : 2 years
  • Diploma in Entreprenuership 

          Degree Courses | Duration : 4 years

  • Bachelor of Business Admin in Business Management
  • Bachelor of Business Admin in Marketing
  • Bachelor of Business Admin in Strategic Management
  • Bachelor of Commerce in Purchasing and Supply Chain Management
  • Bachelor of Commerce in Logistics and Supply Chain Management
  • Bachelor of Commerce in Entrepreneurship
  • Bachelor of Commerce in Retail Management
Entry Requirements Certificate Courses:
  • Anyone aged 16 and above is eligible.
  • Candidate should have attained NCQF Level 2 , certificate II or equivalent.
  • Candidate can also be admitted into the qualification through Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) if they have working experience in any industry with no formal qualification but with valid evidence (where applicable).
  • Mature entry candidates will be also considered.
Entry Requirements Diploma Courses:
  • Certificate V, NCQF Level 5 ( General Education or TVET)
  • Certificate IV , NCQF Level 4 with atleast 20 Credits at NCQF Level 5

Entry Requirement Degree Courses.

  • BGCSE / IGCSE 36 points and above, 31 Points and above if you are under OVC.

        Career Prospects:

  • Human Resources Officer, Tourism Marketing Manager
  • Marketing Executive, Tour Operator
  • Mortgage Adviser, HouseKeeper
  • Retail Manager, Hotel Manager
  • Sales Executive, Events Manager
  • Business Adviser, Front Desk Officer
  • Project Manager, Risk Manager etc..