About us

GIPS was formally a training Company in 1991 & was registered in 1993 by the Ministry of Education as a training provider, later under the new TEC act, CAP 57:04 of 1999, it was registered by the Tertiary Education Council (TEC) and the Botswana Training Authority ( BOTA) respectively. TEC registration was gained in 2006, registration number 05042 and the BOTA registration in 2005, registration number TI006. As required by the relevant laws, the HRDC registration is for the offering of Diploma and post Diploma programmes and the BQA registration is for the certificate programmes.


GIPS is one of the leading premier Tertiary Educational Institution with the motto of ” EXCELLENCE IN HIGHER LEARNING”. Gips has many branches in Gaborone (Block 6 & Main Mall ), Phakalane , Maun and Francistown. The institute is acredited with various international Bodies like ACCA, NCC (UK), AAT-UK. GIPS is an accredited and registered tertiary institute¬† by Botswana Qualifications Authority (BQA) and the Human Resource Development Council (HRDC) including its programmes. Both BQA & HRDC, countinously monitor the perfomance of the Institute with their norms and standards to ensure quality based education and training to the Botswana.GIPS pledges to contribute towards the achievement of making Botswana an “EDUCATED AND INFORMED NATION”. GIPS also contributes to to commit to contributing towards the accomplishement of vision 2036 as evidenced by its MISSION and VISION statement.


  • To contribute to the development of Botswana and her people and turning them into world class professionals, luninaries and visionaries in a socially responsible manner.